DataFEWSion is an interdisciplinary graduate traineeship focused on research at the nexus of Food, Energy and Water Systems (FEWS). The program focuses on developing analytical skills such as data-driven decision modeling and social awareness within the complexities of the FEWS nexus, plus communication and professional skills.

Through developing synergistic alliances across disciplines, the emerging professional researchers will be prepared to produce effective innovations for producers, industry, and policy makers of the 21st century.

Video of how cohort 1 relates to interdisiplinary collaboration
Watch a video of DataFEWSion trainees talk about Interdisciplinary Collaboration

Trainee Benefits:

  • Perform world-class interdisciplinary research
  • Participate in a Graduate Learning Community with other highly motivated and talented graduate students
  • Develop technical language across disciplines with data science and decision modeling at the core
  • Develop communication skills to address diverse audiences from producers to policy makers to industry executives
  • Prepare for various career paths in academia, industry, government, NGOs or entrepreneurship

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Faculty Benefits

Key benefits of the Traineeship to faculty mentors include:

  • Serves as a recruitment tool to attract top graduate students
  • Provides enhanced professional training for the students, at no cost to the faculty member
  • Enhanced collaboration opportunities across disciplines
  • Enhanced professional preparation for future alumni

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