DataFEWSion Traineeship
Developing data-driven decision modeling and communication skills aimed at “Innovations at the Nexus of Food Production, Renewable Energy and Water Quality”


In the 21st century, sustainable provision of food, energy and clean water requires an understanding of the interdependence among systems as well as the motivations and incentives of farmers, industry and rural policymakers.  Iowa State University’s National Science Foundation Research Traineeship — DataFEWSion — prepares MS and Ph.D. students to be emerging leaders who are equipped to address the complexities around the nexus of Food Production, Renewable Energy and Water Quality Systems (FEWS) in the Midwest. 

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Our Goal

The DataFEWSion overarching theme is systems modeling and data analytics for innovations at the nexus of food production, renewable energy and water quality in the Midwest. Stakeholders such as government bodies, consumers and investors often focus on short-term fixes, while researchers tend to focus too narrowly on tractable problems with limited scope. Providing implementable solutions requires understanding the motivations and incentives of farmers, rural policymakers and other stakeholders, then formulating research studies that address their concerns.

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Our Program

The DataFEWSion Traineeship includes a coursework certificate and a graduate learning community to build on your research at the FEWS nexus.

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Opportunities to participate

In DataFEWSion, we are all about collaboration! If you are interested in becoming a graduate trainee, check out our application page. Corporations, government, or non-governmental organizations are also invited to participate in this program by offering internship opportunities to our trainees. We welcome donors wishing to support our program, provide a student scholarship, or sponsor an event.


Apply for the DataFEWSion Traineeship

The traineeship is open to all ISU MS and Ph.D. students who conduct research around the FEWS nexus with an emphasis on data analytics.

How to Apply