2021 Publications

Labuzzetta, Charles; Zhu, Z.; Chang, X.; Zhou, Y. A Submonthly Surface Water Classification Framework via Gap-Fill Imputation and Random Forest Classifiers of Landsat Imagery. Remote Sens. 2021, 13, 1742.

Neher, Timothy, Michelle Soupir, Rameshwar S Kanwar, (2021) “Lake Atitlan: A Review of the Food, Energy, and Water Sustainability of A Mountain Lake in Guatemala.” Sustainability. DOI to the paper:

Pasley, Heather, Virginia Nichols, MMichael J Castellano, Matthew J Helmers, Mitchell E Baum, Eileene J Kladivko, Sotirios Archontoulis (2021). Rotating maize reduces the risk and rate of nitrate leaching. Environmental Research Letters.

Thompson J, Ganapathysubramanian B, Chen W, Dorneich M, Gassman P, Krejci C, Liebman M, Nair A, Passe U, Schwab N, Rosentrater K, Stone Tiffanie, Wang Y and Zhou Y (2021) Iowa Urban FEWS: Integrating Social and Biophysical Models for Exploration of Urban Food, Energy, and Water Systems. Frontiers in Big Data, 4:662186. doi: 10.3389/fdata.2021.662186

Summers, Haleigh., Karsten, H.D., Curran, W., Malcolm, G.M. Integrated Weed Management with Reduced Herbicides in a No-till Dairy Rotation. Agronomy Journal. 2021;00:1-16.


2020 Publications

Nichols, Virginia, Lydia English, Sarah Carlson, Stefan Gailans, Matt Liebman. (2020). Effect of long-term cover-cropping on weed seedbanks. Frontiers in Agronomy 2:20

Sorensen RM, Jovanović B. 2021. From nanoplastic to microplastic: A bibliometric analysis on the presence of plastic particles in the environment. Mar Pollut Bull. 163:111926. PubMed PMID: 33348287. DOI: 10.1016/j.marpolbul.2020.111926

McEachran, A.R., Dickey, Loulou C., Rehmann, C.R., et al. Improving the effectiveness of saturated riparian buffers for removing nitrate from subsurface drainage. J. Environ. Qual. 2020; 49: 1624– 1632.

 Hartfiel, Lindsey, M. Soupir, and R.S. Kanwar. “Malta’s Water Scarcity Challenges: Past, Present, and Future Mitigation Strategies for Sustainable Water Supplies.” Sustainability 12.23 (2020): 9835. The DOI is doi:10.3390/su12239835

Neher, Timothy P. and Ma, Lanying and Moorman, Thomas B. and Howe, Adina and Soupir, Michelle L.. “Seasonal variations in export of antibiotic resistance genes and bacteria in runoff from an agricultural watershed in Iowa,” Science of The Total Environment, v.738, 2020. Link  Citation details

Ryan, Sarah M and Soupir, Michelle L and Kaleita, Amy and Lence, Sergio H and Brown, Robert. “NRT-INFEWS: The DataFEWSion Traineeship Program for Innovations at the Nexus of Food Production, Renewable Energy, and Water Quality,” 2020 ASEE Virtual Annual Conference, 2020. Citation details

Chu, Chih-Yuan and Park, Kijung and Kremer, Gül E.. “Applying Text-mining Techniques to Global Supply Chain Region Selection: Considering Regional Differences,” Procedia Manufacturing, v.39, 2019. Link  Citation details

Chu, Chih-Yuan and Park, Kijung and Kremer, Gül E.. “A global supply chain risk management framework: An application of text-mining to identify region-specific supply chain risks,” Advanced Engineering Informatics, v.45, 2020. Link  Citation details

2020 Conference Presentations / Papers

Timothy P. Neher, Lanying Ma, Thomas B. Moorman, Adina C. Howe, Michelle L. Soupir (2020). Seasonal Variations in Export of Antibiotic Resistance Genes and Bacteria in Runoff from an Agricultural Watershed in Iowa. Midwest AMR Consortium.

Matthew Nowatzke, Luis Damiano, Gabe McNunn, Andy VanLoocke, Jarad Niemi, Lisa Schulte-Moore, Emily Heaton (2020). Foresite: Identifying unprofitable farmland for environmental and economic benefit. Soil and Water Conservation Society International Annual Conference.

2019 Conference Presentations / Papers

Timothy Neher (2019). Catchment-scale export of antibiotic resistance genes and bacteria from an agricultural watershed in central Iowa. American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers.