News Timeline


Second Quarter

End of “what a” Year event: Celebrating Cohort 1 and looking forward to next year starting as “normal.”  May 17th

Virginia “Gina” Nichols published The Journey to an On-Farm Research Project: A Student’s Tale in Practical farmers.  Read more

Dr. Michelle Soupir receives the Mid-Career Achievement in Research Award from the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences at Iowa State University. 

Dr. Jim Reecy and Jessica Bell from the Office of the Vice President for Research facilitated a Conflict in Collaboration Workshop. April 6th

FEWS policy roundtable workshop with Ed Anderson from the Iowa Soybean Association, Elizabeth Burns-Thompson from the Renewable Energy Group, and Keegan Kult from the Agricultural Drainage Management Coalition.  April 20th


  • Dr. Anabelle Laurent presented a Data Visualization Workshop, March 2nd
  • Recruited 6 new students to Cohort 3 – March
  • The first symposium – Building capacity to train PhD students for non-academic careers was held via the Hopin platform. January 20, 2021


Fourth Quarter

  • Dr. Shan Jian presented a workshop on Train Project Management Skills with your Graduate Research. November
  • Dr. David Peters presented a workshop on Stakeholder Engagement. October

Third Quarter

  • Dr. Cameron MacKenzie presented a workshop on Decision making with multiple objectives and multiple stakeholders. September
  • Orientation was held socially distant for the second cohort. August

First Quarter

  • Recruit cohort 2 March
  • Gina Nichols participates in proving a Practical Farmers of Iowa Farminar: “Cereal Rye for Weed Management: A New Tool in the Toolbox?” View video February
  • The Biorenewable Energy roundtable workshop was held with Chris Anderson form the Renewable Energy Group and Jerod Smeenk from Frontline. February
  • The Water Quality Roundtable Workshop was hel with Rick Cruse from the Iowa Water Center and Matt Helmers fro the Iowa Nutrient Research Center. January

2020 Publications

Neher, Timothy P. and Ma, Lanying and Moorman, Thomas B. and Howe, Adina and Soupir, Michelle L.. (2020). Seasonal variations in export of antibiotic resistance genes and bacteria in runoff from an agricultural watershed in Iowa. Science of The Total Environment.


Chu, Chih-Yuan and Park, Kijung and Kremer, Gül E.. (2020). A global supply chain risk management framework: An application of text-mining to identify region-specific supply chain risks. Advanced Engineering Informatics.


Ryan, Sarah M and Soupir, Michelle L and Kaleita, Amy and Lence, Sergio H and Brown, Robert. (2020). NRT-INFEWS: The DataFEWSion Traineeship Program for Innovations at the Nexus of Food Production, Renewable Energy, and Water Quality. 2020 ASEE Virtual Annual Conference.


2020 Conference Presentations / Papers


Matthew Nowatzke, Luis Damiano, Gabe McNunn, Andy VanLoocke, Jarad Niemi, Lisa Schulte-Moore, Emily Heaton (2020). Foresite: Identifying unprofitable farmland for environmental and economic benefit. Soil and Water Conservation Society International Annual Conference.

Timothy P. Neher, Lanying Ma, Thomas B. Moorman, Adina C. Howe, Michelle L. Soupir (2020). Seasonal Variations in Export of Antibiotic Resistance Genes and Bacteria in Runoff from an Agricultural Watershed in Iowa. Midwest AMR Consortium.


2020 Awards

Gina Nichols receives the Teaching Excellence Award. The award recognizes and encourage outstanding achievement by graduate students in teaching. The program is administered by the Graduate College with additional support from the Graduate and Professional Student Senate.

Meyer Bohn and Rachel Sorensen, two incoming cohort 2 are awarded Brown Graduate Fellowship. For more information visit here

Amy Kaleita became a Fellow of the American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers.

April Michelle Soupir received the Diversity Enhancement Award. Soupir led faculty training on micro-aggressions, harassment, diversity, sensitivity and inclusive teaching methods and strategies.




Fourth Quarter

Dr. Emily Heaton presented a Collaboration Workshop. November


A discussion around Establishing your Brand and Building a Professional Network with Dr. Dan Anderson who is behind the Dr. Manure twitter account, Dr. Emily Heaton who runs a successful website for the ISU Biomass, Bob Mills the communication director for the Bioeconomy Institute, and Sara Merritt the director of Science Communication Fellowship at Reiman Gardens. October

Third Quarter

Karin Lawton-Dunn from the Graduate College presented the Communicating with your advisor and future employer using the IDO Workshop. September


The DataFEWSion leadership team obtained Graduate College approval for the Data-Driven Food, Energy & Water Decision Making Graduate Certificate. August


Held first Orientation and learning community with cohort 1 August

First Quarter

Recruited first cohort. March

Hired Project Coordinator Cynthia Lidtke. February


2019  Thesis/Dissertations

Charles Labuzzetta. Spatiotemporal refinement of water classification via random forest classifiers and gap-fill imputation in LANDSAT imagery. (2019). Iowa State University.


2019 Awards

Incoming trainee Virginia Nichols awarded Brown Graduate Fellowship



National Science Foundation (NSF) grant awarded to an interdisciplinary team led by an industrial engineering faculty member will combine elements of engineering with agriculture, economics and sociology to prepare research-based graduate students for an array of career path