Graduate Certificate

Data-Driven Food, Energy and Water Decision Making

The graduate certificate aims to prepare masters and doctoral students for multiple career paths in the food-energy-water nexus, such as research scientist, bioeconomy entrepreneur, agribusiness leader, policy maker, agriculture analytics specialist, orprofessor, by credentialing their understanding of the FEWS nexus and their skills in quantitative analysis of complex systems.

The graduate certificate consists of 13 credits across six courses – three core courses, plus one elective course within each of three focus areas. Coursework is designed to fit within the major program of study.

Certificate Curriculum

Knowledge AreaRequirementCourse Options
Fundamental understanding of interactions in the FEWS nexusCore CourseABE 690 Biosystems for Sustainable Development (2 credits)
CommunicationCore CourseGR ST 566 Communications in Science (1 credits)
EntrepreneurshipCore CourseAGRON/BCB/EE/ENGR/ME 693X : Entrepreneurship for Grad. Students in Engr & Sci (1 credit)
Data acquisition, visualization, and analyticsElective
(Choose One)
A B E 504: Instrumentation for Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering
M E 592X: Data Analytics and Machine Learning for Cyber-Physical Systems Applications
E E 525X: Data Analytics in Elect. & Comp. Engineering
I E 583: Data Mining
IE 592x: Analytics Projects for Improved Decision Making in the Service Sector
STAT 585 Data Technologies for Statistical Analysis
STAT 587: Statistical Methods for Research Workers
STAT 510: Statistical Methods II (for stats majors)
STAT 575: Methods of Multivariate Analysis
Complex systems modeling for decision supportElective
(Choose One)
A B E 580: Engineering Analysis of Biological Systems
I E/E E/AER E 565: Systems Engineering & Analysis
I E 564: Decision Analysis in System Design
I E/AERE 568: Large-Scale Complex Engineered Systems
M E 525: Optimization Methods for Complex Design
AGRON 525: Crop and Soil Modeling
Economics, Policy, or Sociology of FEWElective
(Choose One)
ECON 560: Agricultural, Food, and Trade Policy
ECON 580: Interm. Environment. & Resource Economics
BRT/POL S 516: Biorenewables Law and Policy
M E 510: Econ. & Policy of Engineering Energy Systems
SOC 544: Sociology of Food and Agricultural Systems
SOC 549: Sociology of the Environment
JL MC 574: Communication Technologies and Social Change
NREM 570: Advanced Decision-making in Natural Resource Allocation

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